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Head Massage (Home Remedies)

It is now a proven fact that massaging the scalp with oils is a great way to get hair growth.  It increases blood flow to the scalp, and good flow of blood occasionally is good for your hair growth, know why?

Because, your head is the part which stay farthest away from gravity and always stays straight, so blood can’t flow there perfectly to all the roots of hair. So, sometimes, stimulating the blood flow is required and especially not by hanging your head, because then you may get a severe blood flow into head which can make you go sick right away. Better go in for a massage which will help you get great hair by stimulating the flow of blood to the hair roots, and also great sleep, sleep in turn helps in good growth of hair as well. Therefore we can definitely say that head massage benefits hair growth! This is definitely one of the most luxurious beauty tips for hair growth ever.

Pain here indicates

A : Tension and infections of the gums and teeth.
B : Overacidity (pain of the eyeball).
C : Gastritis (pain of the eye socket).
D : Inflammation of the stomach.
E : Ulcers
F : Disorders of the intestines.
G : Disorders of the fallopian tubes.
H : Kidney disorders.
I : Disorders of urinary tract.
J : Neuralgia.
K : Formation of cataract.
L : Disorders of the brain and the spinal nerves.

Home Remedies

Foot massage:  You’d be amazed at what a foot massage can do to instantly lessen head pain.  Though I’d think twice before spending my money on reflexology, a simple massage with your thumbs or a simple foot massager like this can make a big difference in your day.
Head massage:  For some types of headaches, this type of massage can relax the muscles and release the pain.

Eat 12 almonds:  The best are raw almonds – watch out for the flavoured roasted kinds, which may contain MSG!  Eating a few almonds can regulate your blood sugar and even kill the pain – almonds are known as a natural pain killer!  A few people with migraine find almonds to be a trigger – but if that’s not the case with you this could be one of the best headache home remedies, especially early in an attack.
Spoonful of honey:  Again, a trick to get some sugar in your blood.  The Definitive Guide to Headaches recommends one spoonful, waiting half an hour, then taking another with 3 glasses of water if the headache is still there.

Water:  Speaking of water, getting dehydrated is a common trigger when it comes to headaches.  Drink a large glass of water, then start sipping on another.

Ginger:  Ginger, ginger tea or candied ginger is not only a headache remedy, it can also fight nausea that comes with many migraine attacks.  Many headache home remedies include ginger in various forms.
Caffeine:  Caffeine can both cause and kill a headache.  Some people find that a can of Coke or cup of strong coffee will kill their headache.  But beware – try caffeine too often and you may make the problem worse!

Now that you know some of the secrets of aromatherapy, you can use what you know to make your own compress.  Compresses are fantastic, inexpensive and easy headache home remedies, and you can customize them to be exactly the way you want them.  For example, soak a towel in hot water with a few drops of your favourite essential oils.

Besides what we’ve talked about above, other common herbs for compresses include:  chamomile, rosemary, parsley, ginger, and marjoram.  You can use hot water and a towel, or chill the towel in the fridge.  You could also apply an ice pack to the compress.

Try a ginger compress:  Cut and peel one ginger root and boil in 3 cups of water, until the water becomes cloudy.  Soak a washcloth in the mixture, and apply to your neck or forehead.

Vinegar compress:  Soak a towel or wash clothe with vinegar.  Chill in the fridge, then apply to the forehead.

#5 Cold/Heat

Of course we’ve already talked about warm and cool compresses.  Ice packs, hot water bottles, compresses, and so on, are very common and helpful headache home remedies.

But they don’t work the same way for everyone.  Here are some different things to try:

If you’ve tried cold, try heat.  Or vice versa.  Some people find that alternating cold and heat helps.

Try a warm pack on your abdomen, or even on your feet, for headache pain.

There are other ways to warm or cool one part of your body, including a foot bath or even putting your hands in warm/hot water.

#6 Breath

Breathing exercises are very useful and easy headache home remedies.  Sit upright in a comfortable chair.  Take slow, deep breaths, counting to 5 as you inhale, then again as you exhale.  Also, try breathing more deeply – from the abdomen, breath in as much air as you can, then exhale all the way.

#7 Distraction

It may surprise you, but using “distraction” as a headache treatment is a well studied remedy.  For example, a study published in Current Biology pointed out that there are biological changes that actually take place in your body when you’re distracted from the pain.  Read more in Distraction: It’s not all in your head!

Now, try doing something that distracts you.  Listen to music, or an interesting podcast, or read a book.  Go for a walk, talk to a friend.  Whatever you’re able to do that distracts you from the pain.

Neck exercises are well known as headache remedies, especially if you have neck pain as well