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Burn Treatment (Homemade remedies)


Burns is a common happening in the day to day life of an individual. It is natural to get careless when busy at work and as a result a number of people get to encounter burns. Even if a mild touch of a fiery frying pan can cause burns to your skin. Mild burns is not a matter to worry and can be easily treated without much of trouble. Simple burns can be treated at home with natural remedies for quick healing as well. Homemade remedies are the best ones to treat the burns as they would provide the basic and initial medication to even serious burns. However, it is always advisable to visit a doctor to get proper medication.

  • Hold your burn under cold running water. Colder the better, hold until the area goes completely numb. If you have a burn on your palm or feet just shove it in to a mug full of ice cubes.
  • Mint toothpaste is available in every household while neem in any form is as effective. They are the best home remedy for they not only cool the burning sensation, but also restrict it from becoming a boil which takes longer time to heal and increases the chance of scarring. They act as a great pain killer, too.
  • I know it sounds stupid to apply salt on a burn, of course it adds to your agony but it kills any germs or insects that cause various skin diseases caused by a burn. Once you have sprinkled a little salt on your wound, massage the affected area with ice for at least 15 minutes.
  • It is my favourite. If you don’t already have some aloe vera, first thing that you have to do is plant an aloe vera, for it has numerous herbal uses. To treat burn apply a freshly cut aloe leaf. It is said to have astringent and tissue-healing properties which cures all sort of skin problems very easily. Likely aloe vera is now available in gel and cream forms, make them part of your first aid kit, if you do not wish to plant it.
  • Any cooling agent acts wonderful on the burns and heavenly cucumber juice is just what doctor prescribed for. Thin pieces of cucumber can also be tied repeatedly for better result, one of the best home remedies for skin burn. See all 3 photos
  • Cold milk, buttermilk or curd soothes the pain and burning sensation in the affected area in matter of minutes.
  •  Turmeric paste is the best home medication to avoid infections in addition it keeps your skin flawless. Magic of turmeric are so powerful that it has received a special status in Indian marriage rituals. About two days ahead of wedding each bride is covered with piles of turmeric paste (turmeric powder, besan or gram flour, curd and water).
  • Turmeric-honey mixture heals burn faster diminishes pain and no scarring at all. Easiest of all the home remedies.
  • Lavender essential oil is an efficient antiseptic and also acts as a smooth pain relieving agent that aids in quick healing. Also it reduces eventual scaring. Apply it regularly and over a few weeks, you won’t even remember that you were burnt. If the burns are terminal keep applying it every few hours for few weeks. While Olive oil helps remove all the blemishes left by burn leaving your skin smooth and shining.
  • Diluted vinegar relaxes the muscles of affected area and relives you from all the pain. Dip a piece of cloth in it and apply. Keeping repeating it until the pain complete subsides.