Treatment of Piles ( Home Remedies)


Piles refer to the venal inflammation located near the anal passage. With its location either on internal or external side of the anal cavity; piles are marked by bleeding, irritation and extreme discomfort in passing bowels. Generally caused by faulty diet and genetic tendencies; constipation and piles are inter related, with one aggravating the condition of other.

Common Causes of Piles

  • Low fiber diet
  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Hereditary
  • Chronic constipation
  • Anal intercourse

Reduce the painful symptoms of piles:

1.  Banana is known to be a good laxative; but boiled bananas consumed twice a day is one of the effective home remedies for piles. Make sure to have ripe bananas boiled.

  1. Glass of butter milk made out of sour curd with a dash of lime and rock salt is also effective to cure the symptoms of piles.
  2. Homemade curd with a dash of mustard powder is also effective in curing the conditions of piles
  3. A concoction made out of ginger, honey, sweet lime and mint is also effective in keeping the system cool and free from toxins.
  4. Sometimes an enema prepared with warm water boiling neem leaves and that of wheat grass may be administered to patients suffering from piles so as to clean the system of all its wastes.
  5. For people suffering from piles, it is advisable that they go for whole grain cereals rather than the refined ones. Gruel of the boiled rice in addition to ripe banana and curd is one of the wholesome nutrients.
  6. Crushed leaves of bitter gourd are also one of the homemade ways whereby you can treat piles naturally.
  7. Roasted and powdered seeds of cumin with half tea spoonful being added to water also serve as a healthy option for protecting harmful effects of piles.
  8. Juice of onion added to water with dashes of sugar also proves to be a healthy option.

10. Powdered seeds of mango serve as another remedial option if taken with honey.

11. Application of baking soda on the swollen veins also serves to reduce inflammation.

12. Juice extracted from carrot and beet root may be applied on a long piece of gauze to be applied on the swollen veins.

13. Even blanched passion fruit is helpful if four milligrams of the same is applied along with the water blanching it.

14. Application of warm olive oil is said to be equally effective.

15. Consumption of juice extracted out of aloe also serves to reduce the painful swelling of piles.

16. A decoction made out of neem leaves enriched with its anti septic content; in addition to that of honey and half a cup of butter milk is also effective.

17. Milk enriched with drops of latex of banyan is also beneficial if consumed regularly.

18. Juice extracted from flowers of tamarind also serves to heal piles if consumed internally.

19. Blackberries or for that matter any forms of berries and grapes are beneficial from the point of view of curing piles. Apart from aiding free passage of bowels; berries serve to cure with its anti inflammatory properties.

20. Certain vegetables such as papaya, cabbage and colcasia are beneficial from the point of view of patients afflicted with piles.

21. Besides the anti septic value of neem leaves; its flowers are also similarly effective in treating piles.

22. It is important that patients afflicted with piles go for diet oriented towards fruits and vegetable. Besides banana and other mentioned varieties; consumption of date is also another healthy option.

23. A decoction made out of pepper, fennel and honey is also beneficial with equal measures of pepper, fennel being mixed in three hundred grams of honey.

24. It is advisable for patients down with piles that they consume six to eight glasses of water daily to aid free movement of bowel.

25. Similarly food enriched with spices and chilies should be avoided because the similar would aggravate the conditions of piles. Artificially flavored food containing preservatives should also be done away with.

26. According to the traditionally held belief soaked basil in a glass of water is one of the best remedial options if the water soaking about five basil leaves is drunk after thirty minutes of soaking.

27. For instantaneous relief from pain, soaking in luke warm water may prove to be comfortable.

Exercise for piles

  • Stomach exercises increase blood flow to the abdominals, which can help flush out toxic blood that has congested in the area, including the anus. Strengthening your abdominals can also ease constipation, a common cause of piles.
  • One of the simplest exercises is the leg slide, which involves lying on your back with feet flat on the floor and your knees pointing up to the ceiling. Contract your stomach muscles and inhale as you slowly slide your right foot away.
  • Keep your foot flat on the floor and, when you can no longer do this, slowly start to slide your foot back to the start position, exhaling as you do so. Repeat on the opposite leg, aiming for at least five slides on each side.
  • Cancernet notes that these exercises not only strengthen the deep abdominal muscles, but can also improve muscle tone around the anus. This is helpful if you suffer from piles as, in extreme cases, the enlarged blood vessels can protrude outside your anal passage.
  • Stronger anal muscles can prevent the vessels from popping out. To find your pelvic floor muscles, imagine you are trying to stop urinating and passing wind at the same time. You should feel a tightening around your anus and between your thighs, but be sure to keep your stomach, buttock and thigh muscles relaxed. To begin, contract your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds then relaxing them for five seconds. Repeat at least five times and gradually build the hold time to 10 seconds.
  •  Once you’ve mastered the slow repetitions, try quickly contracting and relaxing the muscles 10 times.

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