Joint Pain (Home Remedies)

Usually Joint pain is felt more in the morning. Apply some ointment on the affected area before going to bed everyday.

2. Apply Eucalyptus oil  where there is pain. Steam the affected area or  dip a towel in boiling water, twist the water out from the towel and apply it to the affected area.

3. Simple exercises in Yoga, Cycling, Swimming, Walking etc. can control the pain. Keep the exercises simple and do not overexert. Doing exercises standing in chest level water also improves the pain.

4. Proper posture should be maintained while sitting, walking and lying down.

5. If overweight, control weight by reducing food and doing exercises.

6. Have one tea spoon of cod liver oil every day-Stick to the one tsp measure. Avoid use of too much pain killers especially those containing narcotic and sleeping tablets.

7. Have lots of fruits containing Vitamin C like Guava, Oranges, Gooseberries. Try avoiding milk and potatoes.

8. Fasting once a week having just carrot juice or cabbage soup helps to control a lot of problems associated with joint pain.

9. Cut lemon into small pieces and fry them in gingelly oil. Put the pieces in a clean cloth and tie it. Apply this warm pack to the affected area.

10. Boil tamarind leaf in water adding salt. Keep pouring the liquid on the affected area. This helps to reduce the pain.

knee joint pain

1. Lose that excess weight. Join a gym; prevent your knees from crashing under your excess weight.

2. Buy a good pair of shoes that give support and absorb impact well.

3. Nutritional supplements like glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, niacinamide (vitamin B3), S-adenosyl-methionine
(SAM),and vitamin E may also be useful in treating knee pain due to osteoarthritis.

4. Drinking boiled water with dry ginger once a day

5. During meals eating 1 to 2 tea spoons of Coconut Oil (Please consult your medical advisor before)
Before taking shower / bath, massage the painful part / joint with Castor Oil.

Elbow joint pain

  1. Give complete rest to the arm muscles avoid doing any activity that may cause strain in the tendons.
  2. Apply ice packs to the elbow joint for 10-15 mins . Repaet this after two hours. This is a very effective home remedy for tennis elbow. This is again an effective home remedy for tennis elbow.
  3. Use elbow straps this gives compression to the sore muscles. Compression limits the swelling and in some cases relief from pain is also experienced by the sufferer.
  1. Celery seed is indeed among the best home remedies for tennis elbow. Extract the fluid from the seeds and take 5-10 drops dilutedin hot water before meals.

5. Massage the effected elbow joint with avocado oil.

  1. Bake potatoes and make a poultice, wrap it around the effected elbow joint. This will certainly reduce the stiffness and pain.

Wrist pain

1.  Take a break from weight lifting and other strenuous physical activities that put stress on the wrists for as long as necessary for pain to dissipate. If you injure your wrist, returning to lifting before the wrist is healed will likely result in pain and more damage to the joint. Continuing lifting through pain will perpetuate the problem–pain indicates that you have not allowed an injured joint enough time to recover or that you are lifting too much weight.

  1. Apply ice to a painful or injured wrist for 15 minutes every two hours until pain dissipates. You may also wish to ice your wrists after workouts as you return to lifting upon recovering from an injury.
  1. Here’s a little more exotic home remedy for wrist pain: a peppermint oil rub. Combine peppermint oil with another oil so as to cut the strength of the pure peppermint oil down. It’s going to burn with heat on your wrists too much if you don’t cut it with another oil, such as vegetable oil or olive oil. Use three or four parts of the other oil to one or two parts peppermint oil as a mix ratio. Simply rub it into your aching wrists, and see if they don’t feel better after the numbing you just did to them goes away-usually within several minutes.

Shoulder pain

  1. Home treatment to reduce inflammation eases pain symptoms. For short-term shoulder and neck pain relief, the Cleveland Clinic recommends nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as naproxen and ibuprofen, along with acetaminophen.
  2. These medications can be used periodically for chronic pain, but may result in long-term side effects.
    The Cleveland Clinic considers moist heat and cold compresses safe for either short- or long-term conditions of neck and shoulder pain.

Heat applications can come from a hot shower, a hot-water bottle or a reusable heated gel pack. Cold packs can be made with ice, a bag of frozen peas or a chilled gel pack. Patients should alternate 20 minutes of heat with 20 minutes of cold, ending with cold therapy to discourage inflammation


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