Every women love their hair and love it long. For most of the women in India, it is in their tradition to keep their tresses long and healthy and shiny. Indian men, too like their women with black and long hair. Good length and healthy hair is what marks the beauty of the Indian women. Hair is an indicator of good health, too.

It is extremely important to maintain and enhance the quality of hair and take care of those long tresses without much mess. Traditionally it is customary for most of the women in India to oil their hair regularly. Here are few tips:

Hair Care Tips

Normal coconut oil just helps keep the hair non-messy and neatly tied. But unlike the myth it does not help grow hair.
Many essential oils are applied and kept overnight to make hair real smooth and shiny. Almond oil is known for its good qualities and helps hair grow long faster and makes hair silky.


Those with naturally curly hair will be aware that it is a hair type that can need a lot of care. Straightening irons, expensive products and treatments are not the only option. More eco friendly ways of treating curly locks can be found in the kitchen.

Natural Hair Wash

Hair can be washed with apple cider vinegar . Vinegar has been rated highly for years as a hair rinse believing to promote shine and health. Vinegar adjusts the pH of hair when used diluted as a rinse. It is important to use vinegar sparingly and in conjunction with a good conditioner. Otherwise it can be drying to the hair if used too often. Hair can be clarified with baking soda and then washed with an apple cider vinegar rinse. Baking soda is alkaline and raises the hair cuticle; vinegar is acidic and closes the cuticle again.

Curly hair is often more porous and sometimes more sensitive chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate so avoiding harsh shampoos will help keep hair from getting dry and frizzy.

Honey Conditioner

Mix a spoon of honey into a cup of water and massage carefully into hair. Leave hair to soak for five minutes and then wash out carefully.

Home made Styling Products          

 Aloe Vera can be used as a serum to eliminate frizz and add shine to curls, simply break off a leaf and squeeze out as much as is required. Olive oil is another easy way to add shine, a few drops are sufficient to smooth hair.

Deep Hair Conditioning Treatments

Curly hair sometimes needs additional conditioning treatments to stay shiny. An easy way to boost moisture is to mix half an avocado with a spoon of olive oil. Massage carefully into hair and leave for twenty minutes with an old shower cap to aid penetration. Other hair masks can be made using coconut milk, banana and honey. Experiment with combinations to find a good formula that eliminates frizz and improves condition.

Managing Curly Hair

It is best to keep use of heated products to a minimum. Bending over when hair is wet and using hands to scrunch curls adds lift without drying hair out. Rags can be used in wet hair to create tighter or looser curls, and can be left in hair overnight. Avoiding brushes is important with curly hair as they commonly cause frizz, it is advisable to use fingers to comb hair and eliminate tangles without breaking or damaging fragile hair. .

Home made Remedies for Oily Hair
Hair becomes oily for some people because of excess secretion of oil by the oil glands. Oily hair has a beautiful look for 1-2 days after shampooing but becomes sticky later. You should wash oily hair twice or thrice a week. Here are some homemade tips.

Mild shampoo is to be used for washing oily hair. You should frequently wash them.
One teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel should be mixed with one tablespoon of lemon juice along with one-fourth of shampoo. This mixture can be used for washing them regularly.
You can apply carrot puree for 15 minutes and rinse off.

It is very difficult to control dry hair having dry and split ends. Dry hair tends to be rough, thin, and brittle. Hair gets dried when oil glands become inactive. Lot of care and nourishment is therefore necessary for dry hair. Let us know some of the homemade remedies for dry hair.

Take two tablespoons of gram flour and add to a cup of coconut milk and apply on the scalp massaging gently. Rinse the hair thoroughly after five minutes. It is an effective method for home hair care when used once a week.
Massaging the scalp with warm almond or olive oil is also helpful.
A teaspoon of lavender oil should be added to the coconut oil and then heated for a few seconds. Apply it to hair at night and shampoo the next morning. When you do this twice a week, you can obtain a soft and shiny hair.
Make a paste of egg yolk and water and apply it to hair for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the hair off with cold water.
Mix equal amounts of edible oil and honey and apply it to hair. Let it remain for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.
Deficiency of zinc is the primary cause of dry hair. So a zinc rich diet is to be taken daily.


  •  Before going to bed, take 2 tsp pure vinegar and mix it with 6 tsp water and apply it on the scalp . Tie a towel around the head. Wash your head next morning. After shampooing, rinse again with vinegar water. Do these once a week for at least three months.
  • Boil five teaspoons of dried and used tealeaves in limewater, use it as a last rinse after shampoo, to give your scalp skin, the factors of anti-dandruff formation. This gives your hair… a lustrous shine and provides nourishment too.
  • Take 100gm each of amla (Indian goose berry), reetha, and shikakai and boil in two litre of water until the liquid reduces to half. Apply this shampoo on your hair for one month. It will remove dandruff and will provide thickness and shine to your hair.
  • Mustard Oil boiled with henna (mehendi) leaves helps in reducing dandruff.
  • Mix 1 teaspoons lemon juice with 2 teaspoons vinegar and massage on the scalp. Wash your hair with an egg shampoo.
  • Add few Leaves Of Hibiscus to a glass of water. Heat it gently .Mix lime juice 1tsp into it. Apply this mixture on your scalp before shampooing.
  • Gently massage scalp with brandy and then wash off. This helps in relieving the problem of dandruff.
  • Instead of shampooing, massage handfuls of baking soda into the hair and scalp to absorb oil and to loosen dead skin on scalp. Rinse thoroughly and use no other shampoos. While initially the hair may seem dry, after several weeks, dandruff will go off and hair will be smooth and shiny.
  • Take 1 part almond oil, 1 part pure sulphur powder, 2 parts ‘surgical spirit’ and 4 parts distilled water or rose water and mix well. Rub on the scalp.
  • Before shampooing, massage the scalp with salt for some time and then wash off. When done over a period of time, this helps in completely getting rid of dandruff.
  • Mix some camphor in coconut oil. Use this oil for daily application on the scalp. The application should be done nicely, with the fingertips working at the hair roots in the scalp. The problem of dandruff will be solved in about fifteen days.
  • Take 2 cup water, add 4-5 tablespoons dried thyme and boil for 10 minutes. Cool, strain, and use the mixture to massage scalp. Keep for half an hour.
  • Apply lemon juice sweetened with sugar on the scalp. Then expose the hair to the sun’s heat for five to six hours. When this is done, wash the hair with soap. This is a difficult but definite method to solve the dandruff problem.
  • Apply grated carrots to the scalp and leave for some time to prevent dandruff. Wash off as usual.
  • Apply poppy seeds ground with milk on the scalp. Later wash with plain water or water mixed with herbs such as shikakai.

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  1. arshi December 11, 2012 at 12:46 pm Reply

    Happy to read your post…I was wondering if I was the only one that did this to dry hair and couldn’t comb through it…I loved how my hair felt after, but going to try and wet my hair first this time and see…

    • howtocare4me December 12, 2012 at 11:39 am Reply

      thanx a lot arshi. urs such feedback encourages me to do a lot more.. keep reading. U’ll find interesting topic to get more here 🙂

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