Water Therapy for Weight Loss

water therapy for weight loss

Water is the elixir of life. So it’s no surprise that Water can be used as therapy. Water therapy has been used by the Indians through their healing module called Ayurveda. It has also been used by the Japanese and Chinese according to their traditional medicine techniques from ancient times.

Why is Water so Important

75% of the cells in our body are made up of water. This shows how important it’s for us to replenish the water that we lose through sweat and urine.

Some people will think it’s adequate to drink about 8 glasses of liquid into which they include their 4 cups of coffee in the morning and other beverages. No, this is not how you measure the amount of fluid that goes into your body. The 8 glasses of liquid a day must be pure water.

The reason why it must be made of purely water is because water can flush out the toxins from within the body. Without adequate water, your body tends to store not only toxins, but in recent findings, they found that it also stores cholesterol in the cells as a protection against dehydration.

Now, let’s see how we can do water therapy.

How to Do Water Therapy

As soon as you get up in the morning, without even brushing your teeth, drink from 4 to 6 big glasses of water. The water must be pure. It can be reverse osmosis water or it can be water that has been filtered and boiled. Rinse your mouth with water till you feel clean enough to consume the water. After you’ve drunk your 4 to 6 glasses of water, wait for 45 minutes before you take your breakfast.

How will Water Therapy Help in Weight Loss

When you drink water first thing in the morning, your body will start to flush out a lot of toxins and extra salt. This also makes you urinate frequently in the first hour. When toxins and salt are flushed out, water held in the body is also released. The more salt and toxins are in the body, the more water is retained making you feel and look bloated.

Water is needed for all the different types of reactions in the body. The breaking down of fat requires enzymes to work on the fat. All enzyme reactions in the body require water as the solvent. So without adequate water, no matter how much you diet, you’re not going to lose any fat. Water consumption is very important in weight loss.

With Water therapy and also drinking about 2 glasses before a normal lunch and dinner will help you curb your appetite and you’ll eat less.

Dieting Techniques

There is no real necessity to go on a dieting technique. Dieting techniques are plenty, and if you want to try one, you can choose from the many different types of dieting techniques found online. Water therapy will reinforce any dieting technique you’re following.

Some people like to starve thinking they’ll lose weight, but starving is one of the worst techniques you can follow. When you starve for a period of time, your body is deprived of food. The next time you decide to eat even if it is less than normal, your body will convert it to fat as fast as possible, as a preventive measure from being deprived of food. So, another no-no in weight loss dieting techniques is starving.

No matter what dietary technique you use, do the water therapy together with it. You can also try to have a normal diet with reduced carbohydrates, sugar and with lots of fruits and vegetables with water therapy and you’ll definitely lose weight



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